Geek. Coder. Photographer.
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Young specialist interested in Web, Linux and IT in general.

Passionate about tech, music and art.
Currently located in Hamburg, Germany

Up to date Resume can be found here


Shopping list.

Shopping List application built as a test task with AngularJS. Features minimal viable functionality:

  • Item Creation/Deletion,
  • Tagging mechanism and tag manipulation tools,
  • Persistent Storage in WebSession.
Source code Can be found on GitHub. Hosted Application can be found Here.

Set of .dotfiles

My set of dotfiles for Bash and Vim is currently available on GitHub via public Repository.

IT specialist interested in Linux, Networks, Software and IT in general. Enthusiastic towards learning new skills and technologies, fluently speaking Russian, English and Lithuanian Languages. Excellent problem-solving skills, fast learner, great team working abilities, and thrill for IT.

Platforms: Linux, Windows, OS X.
Programming/Scripting/Query Languages: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Lua, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, Bash.
Frameworks/Engines/CMS: LAMP Stack, Mean(Mongo, Express, Angular, Node) Stack. jQuery, Meteor, NodeJS, Skeleton, 960grid, ZeroMQ, CSound.
VCS: Git, SVN.
Misc: Nagios, New Relic, CircleCI/Travis, Ansible, Vagrant.
Software: Adobe CC, Office suites(Microsoft, Google, Oracle).