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“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”
-Joseph Campbell

Student. Geek. Musician. Artist.
Fb. Vk. dA. Li.


I am Dave, a young specialist interested in network technology, Linux and IT in general.

Tools of trade

Platforms: Linux(Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Arch, Manjaro), Windows(2000, xp, vista/7, 8/8.1). Android(GB, ICS, JB | Custom ROM and Kernel hacking)
Human Languages: Russian, English, Lithuanian
Programming Languages: C, HTML, SQL, Bash, ChucK
Web Servers: Apache2, Lighttpd, nginx.
Protocols: HTTP1.1, irc, mpd.
VCS: git, svn.
Misc: proFTPd, postfix, vmware, VirtualBox, teredo, openVPN, syslog, nagios, zabbix, New Relic.
Frameworks/Engines/CMS: wordpress, dropplets, Foundation Framework, Skeleton, Love2D, Cocos2d-x, jQuery, zeroMQ, Juce, CSound.

Favourite tools: Manjaro, Vi(m), Terminator, Firefox, Thunderbird, gnome3, mpd & ncmpcpp, zsh.

Art(traditional, Digital)(
IT(c/asm, computer architecture, Java, advanced computer networks).

You're welcome to drop me a message at
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