David Aizenberg

IT Specialist located in Northampton, United Kingdom.

+44 7495 357 986


Young specialist interested in Linux, Networks, Software and IT in general. Enthusiastic towards learning new skills and technologies, fluently speaking Russian, English and Lithuanian Languages. Excellent problem-solving skills, fast learner, great team working abilities, and thrill for IT.

Platforms: Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Arch), Windows, OS X.
Programming/Scripting/Query Languages: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, C, Lua, PHP, MySQL/MongoDB, Bash.
Frameworks/Engines/CMS: jQuery, Meteor, NodeJS, MEAN Stack, Skeleton, 960grid, ZeroMQ, CSound.
VCS: basic Git, SVN.
Misc: Nagios, New Relic, Continuous Integration tools like CircleCI/Travis, Ansible.
Software: Adobe CC, Office suites(Microsoft, Google).

Technical Skills:

• Both Desktop and Server Linux
• Reading/Editing configuration files
• General Understanding of the "Unix Way" and semantics
• Basic (ANSI) C and Networking
• Bash Scripting
• Understanding of DevOps principles from `both worlds` perspective.
• Parsing log files and troubleshooting errors

Personal Skills:

• Native Russian, Fluent English and Lithuanian languages.
• Keen interest in Learning new skills
• Excellent problem solving skills
• Good communication abilities
• Ability to act fast and quickly find solutions in unusual situations
• Creativity

Previous Employment:

March 2015 - August 2015
Developer/Ops Engineer
"Analytical Dashboards" GmbH, Hamburg (Germany)

  Had an opportunity to join a team of amazing developers to assist them with development of new software version, at all stages of project.
Including choice of software/platform, setting up infrastructure, and developing new features.
Job required to learn many new technological stacks, including: MEAN Stack, NodeJS (and different versions of), Meteor framework, Amazon Web Services(AWS) Stack, CircleCI Hosted Continuous integration service and strengthen previous knowledge in the fields like: Linux(Ubuntu, CentOS), Software development process/pipeline, Networks and network planning.

Jan 2014 - July 2014 [Part Time] ~ July 2014 – December 2014 [Full Time]
IT Administrator
UAB "JT Company", Visaginas (Lithuania)

  Deployment and maintenance of servers, personal computers and other peripheral devices as an outsourcer.
On-going maintenance, repairs and upgrades of client servers and workstations, including Linux, Windows and Mac OS X workstations and Linux, Windows servers.


Peterborough Regional College
Peterborough, United Kingdom.
Cambridge Technical Diploma in Information and Communication Technology.
Communication in IT Industry.
  Brief unit on communication and business relations.
Game Development.
  Development of computer games, including accompanying Reference docs and using commercial game engine.
Computer Architecture.
  Computer architecture and networks, troubleshooting and maintenance of workstations as a part of coursework.
Web Development.
  Crash course into web development, involving HTML/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery and brief dive into the back-end field with PHP/MySQL.

“Ziburio” Middle School
Visaginas, Lithuania
Basic Educational Program

Personal Interests:

I have keen interest in up-and-coming technology which I research through relevant press and online sources.
I am passionate about Music, Art, Photography and am actively involved in sports such as football.